Warmables came together as our son became of school age. Not liking cafeteria lunches or the price they came with we set out to solve the everyday dilemma of:


 ” What can my kid eat for lunch today”?

A year into it we had figured out how to keep lunch warm for up to 6 hours and our son loved it. Soon we started selling the lunch box kits to other parents; Warmables the business was born.


Next to the delicately insulated warming pouch we use little bags filled with cherry pits to help keeping lunch warm. Why cherry pits? Because they work, are natural, green, sustainable AND they can be washed. Not to mention we get them for Michigan’s cherry orchards.


Soon we decided to add a line of SPA-ME Hot’n Cold packs. Filled with cherry pits as well the packs give off a deep, long lasting, therapeutic heat to soothe many aches and pains. Those packs are sold and across the nation to hospital gift stores, pharmacies, spas, chiropractors, eye doctors and regular gift stores.


Warmables SPA-ME packs are hypo allergenic, not scented and fully washable. Most people add a drop of essential oil to create instant and personalized aromatherapy.