Spa-me 24/7 heat packs by WARMABLES 


Thank you for your interest in our products. Our heat packs have been on the market since 2009.  

We handcraft each and every heating pad in our sewing facility in Jersey City using natural cherry pit filler from Michigan cherry orchards. After a trademarked cleansing process the pits are packed and shipped to us weekly.  

Below are general instructions on how to heat the warming pads. Please note that differently sized packs need different warming times. Be careful not to overheat them.   

Our packs soothe many aches and pains listed below along with the use and care section. 

We appreciate your support. We are a family run business and employ local helper bees. Our team is made up of seamstresses, high school and college kids for first work experiences, my 20-year-old son an myself. 



  • Place pack on a towel in your microwave  

  • Set microwave on low  

  • Heat in 30-second intervals until hot; shake in between intervals  

  • Be careful not to burn; they are filled with 100% natural cherry pits 

  • Cold treatment: place pack in freezer for several hours. They give off a very mild cooling effect. It is gentle enough to use on feverish babies and elderly people  

  • Wash entire pack as is in your machine. Avoid bleach. Lay ut in airy place until fully dried. 



We offer a large variety of packs designed to soothe, heal, relax and spoil different body parts.   

  • Neck, back and gym soreness pain 

  • Dry eye relief 

  • Neck injury 

  • Headaches, migraines  

  • Aromatherapy 

  • Warm packs for massages 

  • Fibro 

  • A/R 

  • Does WONDERS for menstrual cramps  

  • Warms up cold feet, hands and beds 

  • Cools down feverish babies if used out of the freezer